Sommer Currie

Sommer Currie

Certified Empowerment Life Coach
& a Member of
Empowerment Coach Academy

Sommer Currie is an Empowerment Life coach in SE London. She has coached Entrepreneurs, Creatives and her niche is to empower all women.

If you've got this far on my website then its possible you were looking for the same thing I was 15 Years ago...... More!

I started out as a life coach through meeting some very inspiring people who were goal driven and structured in their crafts. With the support and guidance of some of these amazing people, I started up and managed a number of small businesses while holding down my part time job as a recruitment consultant.

This was the real start of journey as my business meant I was involved with my local community, funding bodies, colleges, aspiring fashion designers and creatives. It opened up many doors in my coaching career and gave me the opportunity to work with varied groups of all ages.

3 years ago I had my first child and leading up-to his birth I was still very active working p/t but also holding creative workshops. I enjoyed my maternity but was eager to return to work- This Was When My Struggle Begun. The shift of learning to balance work and becoming a new mum was a whole new ball game. I lacked confidence, I felt guilty, I wished I could be in two places at once and the list goes on.

It took me roughly 9 months to get back to where I was before I had my son, and mistakenly I managed most of my fears without talking to anyone and struggled internally. If this is something you can relate to or in a transitional stage in your life and allowing those limiting beliefs to get the better of you then my program could be just what you're looking for.

  • Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Qualified NLP Practitioner